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DNP-PhD in Nursing Option

If you have a DNP, we would welcome you to the PhD program as a post-DNP student.  The PhD is for nurses who are passionate about research and committed to becoming nurse researchers.  The curriculum will be individualized for you based on your background studies. We normally can transfer up to 23 credits from your DNP program to meet degree requirements. Courses eligible for transfer will be determined after consultation with your advisor and/or Drs. Murdaugh or Badger. Beyond that, you will take 41 credits at the University or Arizona (23 credits from courses plus 18 credits dissertation) to complete degree requirements. If you have not taken a graduate statistics course, you will be required to do so during the first fall semester of the program.  Course work in nursing and other sciences is emphasized during the earlier portion of the program progressing to increasingly more time devoted to research conducted under the supervision of one of our faculty researchers.

The DNP-PhD program of study includes the Nursing major and a minor.  The Nursing major includes course work in the following areas:  Substantive Clinical Area of Research, Scientist/Academic Role, Philosophy and Theory, Research Methods, and Dissertation.

The minor requirement can be met in one of two ways, both of which must receive prior approval from the Dissertation Committee and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

  1. Nursing Minor:  Students may select an area of study within the nursing curriculum, such as Informatics, Rural Health, Border Health, Biological Injury, Reducing Risks and Promoting Health in Vulnerable Populations, or Managing Consequences of Aging or Chronic Illness.

  2. Outside Minor: A student may choose another area or discipline for a minor. Other areas may include anthropology, psychology, management & policy, or sociology. Note: This coursework may not be available via online technology. In addition, departments or colleges may require more than 9 credits to qualify as an official minor. While outside minors are possible, students will need to make special arrangements with the minor department, as well as their academic advisors. Students are strongly encouraged to complete an inside minor. DNP students my use transfer credits for the minor requirement.

Time Limitation:  Students must successfully defend the dissertation within 5 years of completion of written and oral examinations.


For more information and instructions on the PhD application click here.

For more information contact:
Office of Student Affairs
College of Nursing, Room 112
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Phone: 520-626-3808 or 1-800-288-6158



















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