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The University of Arizona -College of Nursing
University of Arizona -College of Nursing - The Office of Nursing Research

The Office of Nursing Research

Because the nature of nursing research is highly complex involving intra-and interdisciplinary attention to multiple facets of clinical research problems as well as the involvement of numerous health care scientists and settings of various types, a formal structure is provided to facilitate such cooperative scientific endeavors.

The Office of Nursing Research

  • facilitates the scholarly endeavors of the scientific community of faculty and student researchers

  • formalizes the faculty's commitment to research as a major responsibility of the profession

  • provides an environment in which faculty and students can be highly productive

  • helps create a research "bridge" between practice and education for generating and using nursing knowledge

Support Services

The following services are available to support faculty and students research in the college.

  1. Facilitate faculty career development and scholarly productivity
    • mentor for research program development
    • administration of intramural research programs
    • provide peer review on manuscripts

  2. Consultation during proposal development
    • statistical and other consultation during the proposal writing process
    • mock review of proposals

  3. Assistance during proposal preparation
    • format proposals
    • route completed proposals

  4. Central repository for information applicable to scholarship, including
    •  biographical sketches, standardized proposal materials
    • announcement of funding
    • notices of awards for funding and ongoing records of research accomplishments

  5. Creating a milieu that supports the research and scholarship of faculty and graduate students
    • provide seminars and workshops on timely research topics
    • provide forums for the exchange of ideas between researchers and graduate students
    • disseminate information about research interests and accomplishments
    • maintain research resources including laboratories


For more information contact:
Office of Nursing Research
1305 North Martin Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Fax: 520-626-2211



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Office of Nursing Research
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