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The University of Arizona -College of Nursing
University of Arizona -College of Nursing -RISE (Research Intensive Summer Experience)

RISE: Resident Intensive Summer Experience

At the College of Nursing. RISE means "Resident Intensive Summer Experience." For all students and faculty RISE is an intensive, but delightful, experience designed to support student success in the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Philosophy programs. All doctoral students are required to attend RISE in Tucson, AZ on an annual basis.
Rise Poster Session

During RISE, students will:

  • become immersed in courses and research tailored to each specific program and specialty

  • meet with faculty advisors, fellow classmates and Graduate Student Services staff

  • learn more about the degree program, explore coursework, and explore funding opportunities

  • collaborate with students, faculty and staff


Students or faculty looking for updated RISE schedules and preparation materials should log into the Doctoral Commons course in D2L. Please coordinate with your faculty advisor for yearly attendance information and to determine which days you must attend RISE.

2014 Schedule

For all newly admitted and most continuing PhD and DNP students RISE 2014 will be held on:


August 18-23, 2014