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College of Nursing Information Sessions




Ideal for students in high school or in the first year of community college and are applying to the University of Arizona as an incoming freshman. This information session will cover information about our pre-licensure programs including Pre-Professional Nursing major, an undergraduate major that prepares students for professional admission to our Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) or MEPN programs. This major is intended for students who are exploring nursing options and have not completed their prerequisite courses for professional admission to our BSN or MEPN program. 


Ideal for students who are ready to apply for the professional BSN program or interested in the MEPN entry programs. Application Workshops cover the basics of the BSN and MEPN programs and reviews the application and admissions processes. Attendance is not required for program admission, and does not impact an applicant's admission status.


Information Session Registration (Pre-Professional Nursing):

April 29, 2:30:00 PM - Register Now
June 10, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
June 20, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
July 3, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
July 18, 2:30:00 PM - Register Now
July 31, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
August 12, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now

Application Workshop Registration (BSN and MEPN):

March 27, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
April 4, 1:30:00 PM - Register Now
April 18, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
May 2, 3:00:00 PM - Register Now
June 25, 1:30:00 PM - Register Now
July 16, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
August 1, 2:30:00 PM - Register Now
August 26, 3:30:00 PM - Register Now
August 29, 2:30:00 PM - Register Now


Current UA Students: Change of Major
If you are currently a UA student and wish to change your major to Pre-Professional Nursing, please attend an Information Session.  Interested students are required to attend these workshops to determine if they are eligible to change their major. Professional admissions information and requirements will also be covered in this session.  Eligibility requirements to declare the major are listed online at our Pre-Professional Nursing page.

Graduate Student Information
Graduate students are encouraged to contact a Graduate Student Services advisor at or call 520.626.3808.

Entry Student Information

For more information about entry programs including Pre-Professional Nursing, BSN and MEPN programs email: or call 520.626.3808.

Prospective Student Resources


PLEASE NOTE: All information sessions and application workshops will be held at the College of Nursing, 1305 N. Martin, Tucson, AZ.  The College of Nursing is located one block north of Speedway and one block west of Campbell. Please consult the campus map for visitor parking options.

For more information contact:

Office of Student Affairs
Location: College of Nursing, Room 112
Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Phone:  520-626-3808 or 1-800-288-6158



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