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The University of Arizona -College of Nursing
University of Arizona -College of Nursing -Technology Contacts
Technology Support Contacts

Here are some ways to get help in the College of Nursing.

The best way to get help is to email
College of Nursing computers and peripherals in-house technical support Rick Hodge
(520) 626-4357 (HELP)
College of Nursing
Multimedia, Projectors, Cameras, Recording
Kathryn Bevacqua
(520) 626-6454
D2L online learning platform Lucas Guthrie
(866) 278-1427 (Toll-Free)
(520) 626-4456 (Local)
D2L online learning platform Rick Hodge
(520) 626-4357 (HELP)


Research Support

Samer AlShawwa

John Lewis



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