Faculty Community Leadership

We provide community leadership within organizations and groups to promote health and wellbeing and reduce health disparities across various communities. Deeply rooted in nursing foundational values and principles, we believe that participatory citizenship in the form of the servant leader is a basic responsibility of a professional nurse. University of Arizona College of Nursing faculty leaders partner with other health-care providers, academic researchers and community members to envision, innovate and advocate for community initiatives that support positive growth and change.

Featured Community Leadership Initiatives:

Advocating New Approaches in Elder Care

Our Gerontological Interest Group (GIG), facilitated by Janice D. Crist, RN, PhD, FNGNA, FAAN, actively promotes collaboration among academic researchers, health-care professionals and community members interested in improving the health of older adults in Southern Arizona. GIG routinely meets to discuss curriculum integration strategies for elder care coordination and to organize community education opportunities about current research findings and best practices in an effort to advocate for improved quality of care offered to older adults in community settings.

Improving Cancer Care Delivery for the Tohono O’odham People

We are an active partner in the Tohono O’odham’s (TO) Cancer Partnership, providing leadership in the development, delivery and evaluation of the new TO Cancer Navigation Program. TOCP is a grant-funded, community-tribal partnership initiative that develops interventions, policies and materials that strengthen the ability of the Nation to reduce the incidence and prevalence of cancer, improve the quality care delivered to individuals and families affected by cancer, and reduce cancer care disparities in this population.