Student Organizations

The University of Arizona College of Nursing sponsors three student organizations for different populations of students. Students are strongly encouraged to participate and maintain involvement in one of the following student organizations to build leadership skills, network, serve their community and experience professional development activities.

Professional Achievements In Nursing (PAIN)

PAIN is the University of Arizona's pre-nursing club, and focuses on social welfare, health care, philanthropic activities and the education of students about professional opportunities in nursing and health care.
ASUA Website | Facebook Group

Students Nurses of the University of Arizona (SNUA)

SNUA is a student organization for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students dedicated to the professional development of future nurses through philanthropy, networking and service.
ASUA Website | Facebook Page | SNUA Website

MEPN Student Organization (MSO)

MSO is a student organization for Master’s Entry to the Profession of Nursing (MEPN) students focused on philanthropy, skills enhancement, and professional and career development for future nurses. MSO has a chapter in Tucson and Phoenix. 
ASUA Website - Tucson | ASUA Website - Phoenix Facebook Group

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Note: Recognized student organizations and the activities of their members are not covered by liability insurance through the university unless they are working in an official volunteer capacity under the university’s direction and control. Students should evaluate their need for personal liability insurance before participating in community service activities.