Curriculum Overview

The 12-month Fellowship consists of two residential intensives (at the beginning and end of the program), three online courses with a guided teaching practicum at your site, regular open-discussion salons and achievement of a teaching proficiency in two integrative therapies. 

Residential Intensives

During the two three-day residential intensives held in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, you will share experiences with your colleagues, interact with integrative health experts and collaborate with faculty on your plans for implementing or showcasing change in your nursing curriculum.

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I was interested in this Fellowship as a way to learn new strategies to incorporate healing modalities into nursing curriculum. Now I know that an important aspect was for me to be mindful of my own needs and the needs of those around me for health and wellness. The evolution happened very quickly during our first introductory weekend. [The expert speakers] were inspirational! I am committed to the INFF because I believe that the health of our communities depends on healing rather than medicating. I am committed to mindful living and mindful teaching…Thank you for an amazing experience.” -2017-2018 Fellow


INFF Part I: Principles of Integrative Nursing | Online Course

Part I provides the philosophical and theoretical foundations of integrative nursing and includes discourse about the integrative nursing principles. Integrative therapeutic modalities are explored. You will complete an individual wellness assessment and select a therapy to apply to your own health and wellbeing.

At first emergency care and integrative care seem to be so divergent. I truly appreciate the language and evidence-based arguments we have reviewed in this course. It has enabled me to communicate more clearly [the] rationale with patients and colleagues. It has also been very useful in writing a proposal for a possible ED nurse practitioner fellowship. Such fellowships are typically too similar to medical residencies. This fellowship has enabled me clarify these roles and explain them clearly to potential business partners.” -2017-2018 Fellow

INFF Part II: Integrative Nursing Care & Symptom Management | Online Course

Develop integrative assessment tools and symptom management plans using case studies, discussion and your own wellness journey. Additionally, you will work as a group to identify and refine current nursing competencies, scope and standards and practice to align with the integrative nursing framework.

The symptom management section of Part II was very well done. I appreciated the mini-videos which showed an example of [integrative] symptom assessment. I found the feedback by the course instructors invaluable…” -2016-2017 Fellow

Everything in the course has been meaningful, appropriate in length, and easy to pick up and put down for people with busy schedules.” -2017-2018 Fellow

INFF Part III: Educational Strategies for Integrative Nursing | Online Course

Part III prepares you to engage in the paradigm shift required to transform nursing curriculum across settings. Analysis of current content, planning for change, and development of educator skills required to transform teaching/learning are the primary focus.

[INFF Part III] was inspiring in reminding us how much we need to move in a new direction as instructors/teachers/nurses/humans of the world.”  -2016-2017 Fellow

I am honored to be a part of bringing integrative nursing to our students and community. The INFF has given me the language to share my understanding of integrative nursing and the confidence to be bold and share what I have learned with faculty, staff and students.” -2016-2017 Fellow

Integrative Nursing Teaching Practicum | Online Guidance with On-site Implementation

Building upon Part III, during this mentored practicum you will implement and evaluate integrative nursing methods in the educational setting. You must be active in a nursing course or other learning activity during the spring semester in order to complete the teaching practicum.

“I am so wowed by the INFF experience and look forward to learning much more! Thank you to all who put so much time into making the practicum and Fellowship so fulfilling, positive, uplifting, and for providing opportunities to share knowledge.” -2016-2017 Fellow

Open Discussion Salons | In-person and Online

The art of discussion is not lost. In the tradition of European intellectual life, you will meet regularly to exchange innovative ideas in informal gatherings, called salons, with your Fellowship cohort. Discussions surrounding key aspects of Fellowship coursework, health and wellbeing and strategies for implementing integrative nursing into the education setting are featured. Salons take place in-person during the two Residential intensives and online throughout the Fellowship.

How to Engage:

  • Be open, honest, and respectful while creating a sense of community
  • Speak thoughtfully and allow for deep reflection
  • Explore diversity while creating a safe space to voice ideas

[Salons are] great and I loved learning from other Fellows and receiving the feedback from others… Powerful. The discussion is really rich, lots of talent and experience in the room with feedback and creative exploration.”-2016-2017 Fellow

Teaching Proficiency in Integrative Therapeutics

Explore and immerse yourself in two integrative therapeutics/modalities to strengthen your curriculum revitalization and leadership potential. Through didactic and experiential training, you will learn how to integrate your therapeutic experiences into the learning environment. Collaboration with expert integrative providers is encouraged.

I want to continue to grow in my own self-care practices, as well as to learn what modalities fit into my current primary care practice. In addition to exploring the modalities applicable to build into the curriculum, I think the teaching and practice of self-care among our nursing students is a priority!” -2017-2018 Fellow