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University of Arizona -College of Nursing - Intramural Research Awards

Intramural Research Awards


Laurence B. Emmons Research Grants

The purpose of the award is to assist doctorally prepared faculty to complete pilot work necessary for successfully competing for a major extramurally funded research project.  The rationale is that NIH is expecting more extensive pilot data to support applications.  The extramural proposal should be ready for submission within 12-18 months. 

The funding level is restricted to a maximum of $20,000.


                          Call for Proposals                                    Review Criteria


Vice President for Research - Faculty Seed Grants

The grants are intended to provide short-term, one-time support that will "jump start" worthwhile projects and result in data or work products that can be used in developing major proposals for submission to extramural funding agencies or private contributors. Individuals holding faculty rank, who have an appointment in the research scientist series of titles, or who have a continuing or continuing-eligible status are eligible to apply.  The Faculty Seed Grant Program is designed to assist individuals that are early in their careers, therefore, applications will only be accepted from individuals with 8 years or less experience since their initial appointments.

The funding level is restricted to a maximum of $10,000.


                          Faculty Seed Grant


Vice President for Research - Community Connection Grants

The grants will provide support for new or existing exemplary, innovative projects and any faculty or staff member is eligible to apply.  Emphasis will be on outreach efforts that benefit the community.

The funding level is restricted to a maximum of $10,000.






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