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Student Proposal Submissions

The Office of Nursing Research provides support to students who are applying for research and scholarship awards. The Friends of Yuma is available annually. The NRSA predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowship awards can be submitted to NIH three times per year. Please contact the Office of Nursing Research for application details.

Yuma Friends of Arizona Health Sciences Center, The Young Investigator Research Awards

The Yuma Friends of Arizona Health Sciences Center Young Investigator Awards are offered to provide seed grant funds to promising young clinical and basic investigators to encourage and stimulate quality research in Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy and the many subdisciplines within these Colleges and other colleges affiliated with the Arizona Health Sciences Center.  These awards are available once a year. 


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The Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards

The Kirschstein-NRSA program helps ensure that a diverse pool of highly trained scientists is available in adequate numbers and in appropriate research areas to carry out the Nation’s biomedical and behavioral research agenda. Kirschstein-NRSA fellowships are awarded as a result of national competition for research training in specified health-related areas.












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