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Nursing Alumni Photo Gallery

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Alumni Class Photos

Do you have a photo to share?

If you have one of the missing class photos, consider sending it to us and we will put it up in the Alumni Gallery. You may either:

  • Send a digital image to  (please scan it at high resolution—300 dpi, if possible) or

  • Mail the original to Judith Brown, Development Office, UA College of Nursing, 1305 North Martin, Tucson, AZ 85721. We will scan it—then return the original to you.

We would also be happy to accept other cherished photos to keep in our archives.



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1986 December
1987 May
1987 December
1988 May
1988 December
1989 May
1989 December

1990 May
1990 December
1991 May
1991 December
1992 May
1992 December
1993 May
1994 May
1998 December
1999 December
2001 May
2001 December
2002 May
2002 December
2003 May
2003 December
2004 May
2004 August
2004 December
2005 May
2005 August
2005 December
2006 May
2006 August
2006 December
2007 May
2007 August
2007 December
2008 May
2008 August
2008 December
2009 May
2009 August
2009 December
2010 May
2010 August
2010 December

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