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Room Scheduling

PLEASE NOTE: Any audio/video or technology resources should be scheduled throughthe Information Technology Group (ITG). Please email

The following rooms are scheduled using the Drachman Hall Calendar (Directions are listed below)

Here are the steps to request a room: 

  1. Click on the link for the Room you wish to reserve from the list above. 
    Note: You must enter your UA NETID and Password to access the Drachman Hall Scheduling system.
  2. View the top toolbar.  Select the Date that you wish to reserve the Room.   Next, change the 3rd toolbar option, “Drachman Hall A” to “Nursing” using the drop-down menu.  The room schedule will appear listing the rooms availability.    
  3. Enter your Room Request.  You will soon receive an automated email notification from the Drachman Hall Scheduler. 
  4. FYI - CON has two (2) Room Approvers for requested CON Rooms:  Derek Honeyman ( and Donna Cochran ( 
  5. As a friendly reminder, if you require audio or video needs, please contact our IT Group at

SILC (Room 275A-C and 250 ) - fill out the form for scheduling

Research Wing --The following rooms may be scheduled directly by Faculty and Staff.
Please Note: These rooms have priority for faculty who are conducting research. Click on the scheduling links below for the room you want to schedule. Login with your College of Nursing Username and password. When the Calendar appears, click the New icon in the upper left corner to schedule the room.  For Technical assistance contact

View Clinical Measurements Room 418c schedule

Video Conferencing Room 470
Request using Arizona Health Sciences Central Room Scheduling ( or contact Matt Peters at or 626-6226.

If your event requires technical support from Biomedical Communications (such as video conferencing), please request support from Ricky Bergeron (TV Production Manager) at or 626-0129. Please copy on your email.

View Biomedical Communication TV Calendar





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