Apr 15, 2014

Western Institute of Nursing honor recognizes an outstanding mentor who demonstrates unselfish efforts to support and promote the professional growth of other nurses in the West.

Apr 14, 2014

Drs. Marylyn McEwen and Kate Sheppard honored by the Western Institute of Nursing for demonstrated excellence in nursing research, practice and education.

Apr 7, 2014

Dr. Berg was selected for Fellowship based upon her extensive clinical practice, scholarship and policy work in the area of women’s health.

Mar 31, 2014

Learn Tai Chi postures and participate in Tai Chi movements by attending “Tai Chi for the Health of It,” a free, public workshop hosted by the College of Nursing.

Mar 26, 2014

Arizona Telemedicine Program Equipment Grant to provide technology for real-time visualization between the nurse and the patient and their caregiver.

Mar 25, 2014
Sally Reel, PhD, RN, FNP, BC, FAAN, FAANP, associate dean for academic practice, university distinguished outreach professor and clinical professor at the University of Arizona College of Nursing,... more
Jan 21, 2014

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program encourages graduate nursing students to become faculty by providing low-interest loans to support their education and partial loan cancellation in exchange for... more

Jan 9, 2014

Dr. Ritter investigates ways to decrease inflammatory damage to the brain after stroke, especially in people with conditions that may worsen inflammation, such as diabetes.

Jan 8, 2014
Dr. Reel recognized for demonstrating scholarship-based outreach through programs to enhance nursing education, address faculty and practitioner shortages, and improve access to quality health care.
Dec 16, 2013

UA Assistant Professor Sheila M. Gephart developed GutCheckNEC to help Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses identify babies at risk of developing necrotizing enterocolitis.